Boris Bućan, Rain in the grass. 2004. Acrylic on canvas.

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Dimensions: 140 x 140 cm.

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Boris Bućan (Zagreb, March 15, 1947), Croatian fine artist, painter and graphic designer. He also creates in glass. Regular member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

He was born on March 15, 1947 in Zagreb. After graduating from the School of Applied Arts, he entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1967. He continued his painting studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where he graduated in 1972.
He appeared on the local art scene at the end of the seventies, performing interventions in the public urban spaces of the city: the blue painted pavement in Varšavska street in Zagreb and the work called Pictural loop (a large snake-like spatial painting) which he worked with Josip Stošić in 1969 for the then Centar Gallery. in her yard in Gundulićeva Street. Bućan has so far had more than seventy solo exhibitions and more than 160 appearances at collective exhibitions, the most famous of which are the Venice Biennale in 1984, where he represented the SFRY, the Biennale in Sao Paolo in 1989, the Triennale in Milan in 1992 and World Goes Pop. 2015 at Tate Modern in London.
He is extremely appreciated in the country and abroad because of his distinctive approach to poster design. He is the winner of numerous awards in the country and abroad. In the last decade, he has increasingly turned to conceptual painting and conceptual combinations of found photographs and graphics.

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Dimensions 130 × 100 cm


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