Candlestick (Art Nouveau)

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The house is inhabited. House is situated on the ground. The globe-shaped Earth. Since it is circular, it spins. For 4 billion years, it has been rotating. The greatest human invention during those 4 billion years was fire. Fire provides light, warmth, and protection. The day is sunny. When the day is over, night reigns. It is dark outside. And it’s better to light a candle when it’s dark—during supper, when there isn’t electricity, or at a birthday celebration. To make a space or a time brighter. Or to huff and make a wish. A lit candle inside a candlestick. The clan of contemporary humans congregating around the fire…Every home should have simple candlesticks. When needed, simple and elegant can serve as both decoration and light bearers.


A creative and satirical interpretation of the Art Nouveau candlestick.

dimensions: 13 x 16,8 x 3,8 cm.
Aluminum and plywood with a matte finish.
Design: Vanja Rakočević

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Black, grey, Orange, Red, white, Yellow


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