Sava Šumanović. Portrait of a girl. Paris. 1920. Oil on canvas.

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Šumanović, Sava, Serbian painter (Vinkovci, January 22, 1896 – Srijemska Mitrovica, August 30, 1942). Worked mainly in Croatia. Attended 1914–18. College of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb (O. Iveković, M. Cl. Crnčić). He stayed in Paris on several occasions, worked in the studio of A. Lhote, through whom he accepted Cubism (Portrait of a sculptor,1920–21), but in the Zagreb period he abandoned it and adhered to the academic tradition. His role models were N. Poussin and JAD Ingres, and he painted figural compositions with cool tones (By the window, 1924). Having discovered Matisse, in the Paris period (1925–28) he abandoned strict forms and painted large figural compositions and nudes close to expressionism with strong colors (Breakfast on the grass i drunk ship, 1927). Since 1930, cycles of Šid vedutas, children's portraits and landscapes, as well as compositions of bathers and pickers with refined chromaticism in the spirit of poetic realism have been created in Šid. The Sava Šumanović Picture Gallery was founded in Šid in 1952.

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Dimensions 69 × 52 cm


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