Skinny lamp

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Let there be light. And would...a lamp? Or, you must be familiar with the sentence: "Let's dim the light and play the music..." Let's read between the lines - I want the atmosphere. You don't need to see everything right away. Sometimes the magic is in the discovery. And this lamp offers that. A combination of design, light and atmosphere. Too much light blinds us, it is not pleasant to tap in the dark, but the play of light and shadow can be just what we are looking for.



Handmade table lamps made of plywood. Led transformer 15W. The form is inspired by the classic lamp on the bedside table. Thanks to the well-hidden LED lamps, the Skinny lamp provides ambient light, and its "one-dimensionality" takes up little space and easily fits into any environment.

Dimensions: 37 x 20 x 12 cm, thickness 1,8 cm.
Material: mdf (medijapan) matt varnished.
Weight: 0,6 kg.
Design: Vanja Rakočević


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